6 Bay Shower Units

$11,550 incl. GST ($10,500 excl. GST)

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6 Bay Shower Units are ideal for use with:
• Sporting events
• Construction/work sites
• Functions
• Camps & Festivals
• Emergency situations

6 Bay Shower Units provide SIX separate unisex shower cubicles with interchangeable signage for Male/Female use.
A continual supply of hot water is provided to the showers through an LPG gas Instant high volume hot water service.
Some of the outstanding features of these units are:
• Low to the ground for easy access
• Private shower cubicles
• Powerful instant gas hot water service suitable for non-stop use
• Compact design – easy to transport

WIDTH 2400mm
LENGTH 4400mm
HEIGHT 2500mm


240V Mains Power for the HWS.
45kg Gas Bottle (LPG gas)
Mains pressure water supply


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